TMC unleashes post poll terror in Durgapur after LS vote

Unruly scene in a Durgapur polling booth

Polling for the Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha constituency may have got over on 30 April, but there have been widespread reports of threatening by Trinamool Congress activists. CPI(M) polling agents are being targeted by TMC supporters across the constituency.

According to the news agencies report, all booths of the Durgapur East and Durgapur West assembly segments under Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha constituency was identified as ‘sensitive’ and paramilitary personnel were to be deployed in these booths. However, in reality there were no paramilitary personnel in many of these booths in Durgapur.

On the polling day (30 April) several places of Durgapur witnessed terror unleashed by the ‘bike brigade’ of the ruling party. Though at times police were seen trying to pacify the situation but it continued throughout the day and even the poll process went over.

Unruly scene in a Durgapur polling booth

At several places in Durgapur, CPI(M) supporters have been beaten up; even aged party workers were not spared. Complaint has been lodged with the police, but still now no one has been detained.

Unmesh Mondal, Maloti Mondal and Khudiram Mondal, the three polling agents of the CPI(M)at three different polling booths in Benachity Hindi High School has lodged official complaint with the Election Commission and the police that they were hounded by TMC activists when they were returning home after the polling process got over. But the police is yet to take action.

The trio has even met the Durgapur SDO Kasturi Sengupta, who is also the Assistant Returning Officer of Durgapur. The Durgapur SDO acknowledging the fact that the three has met her said that she has directed the police to take immediate action.

Two of CPI(M) party members Kinkar Ghosh (63) and Bibhuti Mondal were mercilessly beaten up by TMC activists near Guru Teg Bahadur Public School close to Benachity Bus Stand at around 6.30 pm on. Both had to be hospitalized immediately. They have lodged a complaint with the police. However, no one has been arrested as of yet.

Election Commission yesterday rejected opposition’s demand for re-poll in some booths in West Bengal that went to polling on April 30 in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections. With this, the demand of the CPI(M) to have re-polling in 157 booths in Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha seat went unheard.

The Election Queue Management System (EQIS), a new initiative launched in the country during the April 30 Lok Sabha polls in Bardhaman district, was a hit with 22,800 SMS queries from voters to know the queue status. The EQIS facility has been applied successfully for the first time in the country, in Chandigarh on 10 April this year when the people of Chandigarh exercised their adult franchise.

Web based requests from voters, for the EQIS during the polls in Bardhaman-Durgapur and Bardhaman (East) was around 44,000.

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  1. Sudhir Kumar Rakesh the Election Comision's special observer for West Bengal proved that everything sells, you just need to offer the correct price.
    Unconfirmed sources suggests that 8 Crore has been paid to Rakesh by K D Singh, the TMC Rajyasbaha MP and the CEO of Alchemist.
    The money was paid when Rakesh made a trip to his hometown Patna, just before the third phase election on 30 April (Wednesday).


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