Trinamool councillor of Durgapur slapped lady in party office

A Trinamool Congress councillor of Durgapur Municipal Corporation has said to have allegedly slapped and threatened a housewife after summoning her in party office. The lady has lodged an official complaint with the Durgapur SDO Kasturi Sengupta on Monday. The councillor however denied the charges.

Durgapur Municipal Corporation office at City Centre of Durgapur

Hira Bouri, the Trinamool Congress councillor of ward number 33 under Durgapur Municipal Corporation summoned Saraswati Singh, a mother of two children residing at Faridpur village of Durgapur in the Trinamool party office.

Councillor Bouri said that Saraswati Singh was called to settle family disputes after her eldest son, Buddha Singh filed a written complaint with the local councillor about how he and his newly married wife is being tortured by her mother.

Saraswati Singh alleged that in the party office, the councillor slapped her repeatedly on the plea that she was staying ‘illegally’ with a person from the neighbouring locality.

Mrs. Singh however claimed that the person Mr. Ainul Sheikh was her husband since 2004 and she also produced a marriage certificate as evidence. The councillor of ward 33, Mr. Hira Bouri allegedly refused to acknowledge the certificate and slapped Saraswati time and again asking her to sever ties with Sheikh.

Mr. Saraswati Sing said: “He further slapped me in front of three party men and abused me consistently when I refused to obey his diktat.”

Saraswati – a mother of two children of Faridpur Village in Durgapur was deserted by her first husband in 2004 and later married Ainul. She said: “This man came as a messiah in my life and helped my children to grow up. He supported me financially; recently he spent a lot to help my elder son get married. Now this party man is asking me to disown my husband.”

Mr. Ainul Sheikh – a local vendor meanwhile said: “They have threatened me that I should stay away from my wife.”

However, councillor Bouri acknowledged to have summoned Saraswati Singh to the party office, but refuted charges of slapping the lady.

Durgapur SDO Kasturi Sengupta, who is out of station on official work and with whom Saraswati Singh has lodged the complaint against the councillor said that she is not aware of the exact complaint but assured to look into the matter as soon as she returns back to Durgapur.

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