Trinamool leader of Durgapur expelled from party and union

Ashim Pramanik, the INTTUC leader in Durgapur, who had been leading the labor front of the party in several small and medium iron and steel units in Sagarbhanga and Kanksa areas has been expelled from Trinamool Congress and its trade union, INTTUC, yesterday. Mr. Pramanik was also the president of the Block 3, Youth Trinamool Congress of Durgapur. Pramanik’s expulsion was announced by district INTTUC chief Prabhat Chatterjee and Abhijit Ghatak, Trinamool Youth Congress president of Burdwan (industrial), at a news conference.

Expelled Trinamool leader of Durgapur

Mr. Pramanik said: “It was an absolute injustice and I hope they will run the party in a fair way.” Pramanik also said that Mr. Chatterjee and Mr. Ghatak had “no right” to “throw me out” of the party.
Mr. Pramanik courted controversy, especially after the Joy Balaji Group of industries lodged an FIR against him on 16th December 2012 last alleging that the rebel leader and his aides had raided the houses of a number of senior officials of the company and had assaulted them. Mr. Pramanik had been leading a movement demanding higher wages for the contractor laborers and had brought charges that the Jai Balaji Group was depriving the laborers and was not providing adequate safety equipment at work place.
Later, at Graphite India, he further started agitating on the issue of higher wages for the contractual laborers. He stalled work at Graphite India Ltd, the largest producer of graphite electrodes in the country. Pramanik also lead a protest dharna outside Mission Hospital of Durgapur on 21st December 2012.
The Durgapur industrial zone, like many other places in the state, also has seen the ruling Trinamool Congress divided into two camps – one led by the city Mayor Mr. Apurba Mukherjee and the other by INTTUC’s district president Mr. Probhat Chatterjee. Mr. Pramanik, incidentally, is close to Mr. Mukherjee’s group. Mr. Pramanik also had brought charges that Mr. Chatterjee’s group was trying to negotiate with the factory owners at the cost of common workers’ interests.
In a press conference, yesterday Mr. Abhijit Ghatak, district president of Youth Trinamool Congress, accompanied by Mr. Chatterjee, declared that, “Mr. Pramanik is expelled from the party and he won’t have any association with the party or it’s any other fronts. He was causing harm to the party’s image.”
Durgapur Mayor, Mr. Mukherjee said, “There were allegations against Ashim, which prompted higher leadership to take such decision.”
However, today’s expulsion of Mr. Ashim Pramanik from INTTUC and Trinamool Congress, puts a big question mark on earlier claims by Burdwan INTTUC chief Prabhat Chatterjee and other state leaders that Mr. Pramanik is not a Trinamool supporter or a union member.

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