Trinamool win big in Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok sabha seat

Jubilant TMC supporters in Durgapur

Trinamool Congress won big in Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha seat. TMC candidate Dr Mumtaz Sanghamita Chowdhury defeated her nearest rival Sk. Saidul Haque of CPI(M) by a margin of one lakh seven thousands three hundred and thirty one (1,07,331)) votes.

Saffron surge cutting deep into the Left’s vote share is seen as the primary reason for the debacle in all the seats of the state including the one at Bardhaman-Durgapur. In Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha seat, BJP’s vote share increased by 14% in comparison with the 2011 assembly poll. While for the same period Left Front’s vote share decreased by as much as 12%.

When counting of votes began yesterday (16 May) in Burdwan University Institute of Technology complex at 8 am Sk. Saidul Haque, the Left Front candidate of the CPI(M) started on a winning note. Initial trends suggested a lead for Sk. Saidul. But as the day progressed, Dr. Mumtaz Sanghamita began to increase her lead. After each round her surge continues almost uninterrupted. But what surprised all was the number of votes which the BJP candidate Mrs Debashree Chowdhury amassed.

Jubilant TMC supporters in Durgapur

At the end of the second round of counting, Mumtaz Sanghamita was leading by 22419 votes. At the end of the third round the margin decreased somewhat, but Mumtaz Sanghamita was still ahead by 20334 votes. At the end of sixth round the margin increased to 60512 and at the end of the tenth round lead increased further to more than seventy thousands.

Dr. Mumtaz Sanghamita of TMC got the support of 5,54,521 voters; while her nearest rival Sk. Saidul Haque of CPI(M) got 4,47,190.  BJP candidate Mrs Debashree Chowdhury got the support of 2,37,205 voters.

In all the seven assembly segments of the Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha seat, TMC managed to take lead. However in Galsi and Durgapur Purba (East) the margin has been marginal.

In A-Zone area of the Durgapur Steel Township Sk. Saidul Haque, the Left Front candidate of the CPI(M) got 583 votes less than Mumtaz Sanghamita of Trinamool Congress. Here out of a total polled votes of 36363, TMC candidate got 11793, CPI(M) candidate got 11210 while BJP candidate received as much as 9949 votes.

In B-Zone area of the Durgapur Steel Township, CPI(M) received 13360 votes out of a total polled votes of 40789. TMC candidate received 13017 votes and BJP candidate got 10543 votes. Here CPI(M) gave a lead of 343 votes.

It seems that the Left has lost a substantial part of its Muslim voters to the Trinamool Congress. To a majority of Muslims, Trinamool, and not the Left, was the best bet against the BJP. Thus, both Mamata and the BJP gained from the Modi wave, mostly at the cost of the Left.

After collecting the winning certificate from the Bardhaman DM Soumitra Mohan, Mumtaz Sanghamita Chowdhury said that she will try to do her best for the development of her childhood city Bardhaman.

CPI(M) leaders were highly hopeful of retaining the Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok sabha seat in spite of widespread rigging and intimidation by the TMC, as they were assuming that BJP would bite into TMC’s vote share. In reality however the opposite happened. TMC and even the Congress managed to keep their votes intact while BJP made big inroads into Left’s vote share.

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