Trinamool wins assembly seats of Durgapur

The tsunami which struck Bengal and swept the Left of its feet didn’t even spare the industrial town of Durgapur. Considered to be a strong Marxist bastion, Durgapur was not at all prepared for such results. Trinamool Congress candidates won both the assembly seats by huge convincing margin and became a part of history.
Starting from 1977, CPI (M) has always won both the assembly seats of Durgapur except once in 2001. In 2001, Trinamool Congress candidate Apurba Mukherjee defeated Debabrata Banerjee of CPI (M). But in the next assembly poll in 2006, CPI (M) candidate Biprendu Chakroborty defeated Apurba Mukherjee of Trinamool Congress.
In Durgapur Purba, Trinamool Congress candidate Nikhil Bandopadhaya defeated Alpana Chowdhury of CPI (M) by 8566 votes. Nikhil Bandopadhaya got 87050 votes, while 78484 votes. In Durgapur Paschim, Trinamool Congress candidate Apurba Mukherjee defeated Biprendu Chakroborty of CPI (M) by 17006 votes. Apurba Mukherjee got 92454 votes, while Biprendu Chakroborty managed to get 75448 votes only.

Celebrating Trinamool supporters in Durgapur

Though a tough was predicted but win of both the TMC candidates by such huge margins was not even predicted by die hard TMC follower. Durgapur, with such huge population of industrial workers having a rich legacy of fighting for their rights under the banner the Marxist leaders, opted for a change this time. Though Apurba Mukherjee is a known face of Durgapur, Nikhil Bandopadhaya is not so popular. But both won convincingly riding on the “Mamata Wave”.

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