Two more drowns near Durgapur barrage

Durgapur Barrage

Drowning death of two more people on river Damodar in Durgapur Barrage in last two days has created a sense of fear among local residents. The residents of Durgapur are yet to come out of the shock and grief of the death of four students of Durgapur’s BC Roy Engineering College who got drowned in the Durgapur barrage water on Damodar River 18 May.

On Saturday (24 May), a masonry help Sheikh Akbar (22) went for a bath in the barrage with eight of his colleagues. He got struck in the quicksand pocket and drowned. Akbar is a resident of Nabin Pally adjacent to MAMC Colony under New Township Police station of Durgapur. Police from Barjora police station in Bankura later recovered his body.

According to his friends he was curious to know the place where four engineering students had drowned last week. One of his friends, Rabin Sardar, said: “He was brave and daring.”

Durgapur Barrage

Yesterday (25 May), body of another 22-year-old youth, Sukanta Dutta, was recovered from the upper stream of the Durgapur barrage. He, according to police, was a college student and also a vendor. His friends told police that he was in a financial crisis and primary police investigations revealed that it was a case of suicide.

One might recall that four final year engineering students of a private engineering college in Durgapur got drowned and died while bathing in quicksand barely 100 metres from the Durgapur barrage lock-gates. The incident of 24 May took place in almost the same place where the 18 May incident occurred.

Strategically located Durgapur Barrage connecting the districts of Burdwan and Bankura is at a distance of just 3 Km from the Durgapur railway station and 7 Km from City Centre Durgapur.

Meanwhile, Barjora police on yesterday arranged mass campaign in the Durgapur barrage area to caution local people about the dangers in the barrage complex. A police inspector from Bankura district police, Mr Sanjoy Majhi, led the campaign. He said: “Series of deaths in recent times has caused widespread concern in the area and we felt this duty to warn the revelers.”

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