Violence marred co-operative bank vote in Durgapur

The industrial town of Durgapur witnessed large scale violence on the occasion of the election for the managing committee of the Durgapur Steel People’s Co-operative Bank. There has been report of widespread booth capturing, rigging, casting of false votes and beating up of CITU supporters by men from TMC and their affiliated union INTTUC. The most concerning fact has been that the whole incident took place in the presence of Police and RAF (Rapid Action Force) squad.

Deserted look CITU booth

In the year 1969, some of the leading left minded employees of Durgapur Steel Plant took the initiative of setting up a credit society to protect the employees of Durgapur Steel Plant from the clutches of the Mahajans in time of utter need. In the nineties this credit society got transformed into a Co-operative bank and at present it is reckoned to be one of the leading co-operative banks of Bengal. With five branches and six ATM counters, Durgapur Steel People’s Co-operative Bank has a member base of about 17000. Since its inception, the managing committee of the bank has representations largely from CITU.
After being postponed once earlier this year, the election for the 57 delegates of this co-operative bank was held yesterday. Till 11.20 am polling was going on peacefully and that too at a brisk pace. Trouble started after about 20 unidentified men, mostly young, went on a rampage on the booth office of CITU. Quite a few CITU supporters were injured. Comrade Dipak Ghosh was seriously injured and was admitted to the DSP hospital. After this two newly elected Trinamool Congress councilor of Durgapur were seen in the polling booths with a large gang. They asked the polling agents of CITU to leave the polling station. After this incident, the CITU leadership took the decision of withdrawing themselves and their candidates from the contest.
In the absence of polling agents of CITU, results were declared in the evening and out of the 57 seats, 40 were won by INTTUC supporting candidates and the rest 17 were won by the supporters of CITU. There has been widespread gloom in the steel township as the peace loving citizens of Durgapur has not seen this type of violence after seventies.

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  1. MY friend MR Rajesh says many things about election of durgapur steel peoples co-operative bank. but he didn't say about the result 40 INTTUC and 17 CITU. If unfair things happen in election how they got 17 seat and past all elections result are citu ALL SEAT and opposition 0 (big zero). is it possible. CITU/ CPIM always every where capture without any oppose no body challenge CITU in 34 years of dark regime. But now days has change TMC challenging every where and now they are saying about democracy your party believe in democracy you are dreaming about revolution. Please don't say lie say reality to people.


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