Visa problem for Durgapur student set to attend NASA conference

Amik Mondal,the class VII student of Durgapur’s Hem Sheela Model School who made the city proud by securing third position in an essay competition on “NASA Space Settlement Contest” found himself in a spot of botheration as to whether he will be able to attend the NASA’s international conference in San Diego from 23rd to 27th May.

Amik Mondal – Hem Sheela Model School student of Durgapur

Amik’s father, Mr. Asit Baran Mondal, an employee of Durgapur Steel Plant, said that American Consulate has given the date of 24th May for US Visa interview after receiving the online Visa application. However the conference will begin on 23rd May. He said that they will be going to the American Consulate in Kolkata on Monday and appeal for speeding up the process so that they can reach San Diego before the conference begins.

Meanwhile, Hem Sheela Model School, the school to which Amik belongs has handed over a cheque of Rupees one lakh to Amik which will aid him and his family to attend the NASA’s international conference in US. The school has also announced to make schooling fee of Amik free.

Earlier, responding on an appeal by Amik’s father, the youth affairs minister of Bengal, Aroop Biswas had handed over a cheque of Rs 1 lakh on last Tuesday to the teenager to help him attend the programme.
Though Amik is hopeful of reaching San Diego in time and getting a rarest of rare chance to brush shoulder with the leading NASA scientist, but much depends upon how the American Consulate responds to the appeal.

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