Wild elephants barged into urban locality at Rajbandh of Durgapur

Local residents of Rajbandh in Durgapur panicked when a group of wild elephants barged towards their houses in Amlajora and Rajbandh yesterday.

A herd of Dalma range elephants marched into urban localities of Rajbandh, Amlajora near Panagarh on the NH-2 yesterday early morning. As the locals saw the herd marching towards Amlajora, crossing the railway line, they got nervous. Initially they tried to stop the wild group of elephants by pelting stones at the herd.

Being obstructed by the locals the herd went towards neighbouring Rajbandh where the CPSU oil majors have set up terminals.

At around 9 am, the forest officials arrived and managed to drive the wild herd of elephants towards the adjacent bushes.

Mr Ajoy Das, DFO, Durgapur, said that the herd entered urban area from Sonamukhi jungles in Bankura after crossing the Damodar River.

Though there has been no report of injury but crops of the adjacent locality has been damaged in the rampage.

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