Woman in Asansol alleges of being raped


After the recent of incidents of rape and brutal murder in Kamduni, Gede, Katwa and several other places in the state, it’s now the turn of Asansol. A 25-year old woman lodged a police complaint alleging that she was gang raped by three youths in the very heart of the city of Asansol on Friday.

Asansol Bazaar area

More significantly, the incident took place on a day when West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee alleged in an election rally in Asansol that some local news channels had ganged up with the opposition to make a hue and cry over rape and violence in the state.

The woman in her complaint to the Asansol-Durgapur police on Saturday alleges that she was gang raped by three youths who dragged her into an abandoned house near a deserted bus stand in the heart of Asansol.

The woman, who was returning home after meeting her elder sister around 8 pm on Friday, told the police she knew the youth who dragged her into the house. She alleged two more youths were in the house beforehand and the trio gang raped her.

Suresh Kumar, the additional deputy commissioner of Asansol police (central), said: “During the medical examination, doctors did not find any injury mark on the girl’s body. However, we are investigating her complaint.”

Yesterday, the police arrested an auto-rickshaw driver in connection with the alleged rape. The police said the woman had told them that she knew the man and had travelled in his auto several times.

A tailor who was returning home around 9 pm on Friday night saw the woman crying on the deserted road. He spoke to the woman, whose father is a tailor, and took her to the local police station.

The police accompanied the woman to the house where she was allegedly raped but found nobody there. “We found a scarf in the house. The woman said the scarf belonged to her. We have lodged a complaint of gang rape,” an officer of the police said.

The fact that this alleged incident of rape taking place on the day when members of civil society, rights groups and various women’s forum took to the city streets of Kolkata protesting atrocities on women in West Bengal recently West Bengal government’s “failure to curb rising incidents of crimes against women,” only proves that the situation is indeed alarming.

However, the news didn’t take the residents of Asansol by surprise as in the past few months Asansol has in true sense grown into a den of crimes.

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