Woman suffers bullet injury near Durgapur

police-at andal-village-after-woman-suffer-bullet-injury
Police reached Andal village near Durgapur after a Trinamool Congress received bullet injury

A Trinamool Congress woman supporter was critically injured in bullet firing yesterday (February 23) at Andal near Durgapur. The middle aged woman received bullet injury during a fighting within Trinamool Congress factions over taking control of an illegal coal depot at Durgapur’s Andal.

Report suggests that the woman, Kasema Sheikh (47), received the bullet injury while she was trying to free her son from the clutches of armed goons during the scuffle. An FIR has been lodged against six persons.

The woman was rushed to Durgapur sub-divisional hospital in a critical condition. Hospital sources said, the lady was gasping for life.

police-at andal-village-after-woman-suffer-bullet-injury
Police reached Andal village near Durgapur after a Trinamool Congress woman supporter received bullet injury

The CP, Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate, Mr Vinit Goel, said: “A police contingent arrived at the spot within 15 minutes and took control. We have initiated a probe and the cops are trying to arrest the accused.”

Trinamool Congress sources have however declined the report that the incident is the fallout of factionalism and infighting within the party. They have said that the incident is the outcome of family feud.

Residents of Dhandadihi village in Andal police station area just 11 Km from City Centre Durgapur were living in terror for the past few days as two Trinamool Congress factions were at loggerheads with each other and have been attacking one another in a bid to take control of an illegal coal depot and the locality as well. The two Trinamool Congress groups, according to locals, are headed by Mr Ajoy Patra and Mr Sheikh Alam, respectively. The group members, the locals claimed, have attacked each other’s homes and the attacks have intensified in the past two days.

Yesterday afternoon, the group led by Mr Alam gathered in Dhandadihi village and a few members raided the house of Sheik Islam – a member of Mr Patra’s group. “They attacked his home, beat up Islam and then dragged him out of the house with an intention to kill him,” said Mr Sujit Roy, a member of the rival group.

During the scuffle, when the goons were taking Islam out of the house, his mother Kasema pleaded for her son’s life. One of the goons pushed her. Sheikh Nuruddin said: “Kasema Biwi started running after them when one of the goons suddenly opened fire at Islam. But the bullet hit Kasema.”

The incidents raised alarm and police reached the spot soon. A case has been initiated and a police investigation has begun said police sources.

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