Youths with forged i-card caught at Durgapur Project Ltd


Seven youths trying to enter the plant premises of Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) carrying forged identity cards were handed over to police yesterday (December 3). An official complaint has also been lodged by DPL authority in the local police station against these seven youths.

The youths were from Bankura, Durgapur, and Asansol. They were also carrying letters signed by one senior manager (personnel & administration) of the DPL.

Initially the security personnel of the plant premises of DPL intercepted these youths. The DPL authority, after verifying the papers, found that the document were forged and seized the documents before lodging the complaint with police.

A senior official with the plant said that the youths claimed that they were offered employment with a contractor agency operating inside the plant.

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