News of National importance which the people of Durgapur must know

Durgapur assembly poll – candidates finalised

March 22, 2011 admin 2

In both the assembly seats of Durgapur, Trinamool Congress candidates will fight against CPI (M) candidates. Both the assembly seats of Durgapur is presently held by CPI (M). Dr. Nikhil Banerjee will contest against Comrade Alpana Chowdhury in Durgapur East, while Apurba Mukherjee will fight against Comrade Biprendu Kumar Chakrobarty in Durgapur West.

Assembly poll Durgapur – CPI(M) candidate

March 17, 2011 admin 1

Durgapur Purba and Durgapur Paschim, the two assembly seats of Durgapur will go into polling on 7 th May 2011 to elect their representatives in the 2011 State Assembly. CPI(M), the leading party of the Left Front has announced their candidates for both the seats. Comrade Biprendu Chakraborty, the sitting MLA of Durgapur Paschim has been nominated again, but Comrade Alpana Chowdhury, will be the new candidate for Durgapur Paschim.

Assembly poll in Durgapur on 7th May

March 4, 2011 admin 0

Durgapur – considered to be a strong CPI (M) bastion will go into polling on 7th May 2011 to elect their representatives in the forthcoming Legislative Assembly. Durgapur has two seats, Durgapur Purba (East) and Durgapur Paschim (West), and polling for both the seats will be held on the same date. Results will be declared on May 13th.

Railway budget ’11 – nothing for Durgapur

February 26, 2011 admin 0

Demand of the people of Durgapur had not been addressed by the Railway Minister in her Railway budget proposal of 2011. Durgapurians had a strong feeling that this year they will get their long standing demand of trains running uninterrupted to Kolkata will be fulfilled. But unfortunately, this demand has not been taken care of.

Man from Durgapur stuck up in Libya

February 22, 2011 admin 0

Mr.Manas Mukhopadhya of Fuljhore, Durgapur is stranded in Libya. Though Mr. Mukhopadhyay managed to send a mail to his wife on 21st February but it seems that he is deeply worried about the situation there. His wife has contacted Ministry Of External Affairs and stated her deep concern about the whereabouts of her husband.

Ajmal Kasab death sentence upheld

February 21, 2011 admin 0

Death sentence of Ajmal Kasab, the lone survivors of the 26/11 Mumbai attackers has been upheld by the Bombay High Court. The terrorist has the option of appealing in the Supreme Court for reversal of the order delivered by the Bombay High Court. This is certainly a welcome news for every Indians.

Shale gas reserve at Durgapur

January 28, 2011 admin 1

A huge and unlimited reserve of Shale gas has been discovered at Sarpi, in the outskirts of Durgapur. The discovery has been made by ONGC and the reserve is perhaps the largest pool of Shale gas in Asia. Shale gas is a low-cost, eco-friendly fuel of the future and its discovery near Durgapur will act as a booster dose for the fast growth and development of the region.

CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat visits Durgapur

January 18, 2011 admin 0

Com. Prakash Karat – CPI(M) General Secretary visited the Steel Town of Durgapur to be present in the seminar organized by HSEU to mark its 50th year of formation. Com. Karat paid salute to the long history of struggle of the workers of Durgapur and explained the various loop holes of Neo-liberal capitalism.

DSP produdces wheel for electric train

November 14, 2010 admin 0

Wheel and Axle plant of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) has successfully produced wheels for EMU trains for the first time. Earlier this wheels were imported from foreign countries. In the next one year DSP has set a self target of supplying 10,000 wheels to the Indian Rail.

Rail and Steel Minister visited Andal

October 31, 2010 admin 0

Minister of Railways and Minister of Steel were at Andal on 30/10/2010 to announce the setting up of a Rail Compartment manufacturing unit at Andal on a equal joint venture between SAIL and Rail. Andal is barely 05 Km from Durgapur.

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