Road safety week celebrated in Durgapur

January 7, 2011 admin 0

People of the Steel City of Durgapur has been made aware of the needs and various aspects of Road Safety by the Automobile Association of Eastern India’s Durgapur Chapter through a road show at the five-road crossing near Prantika, Durgapur. For a fast growing city like Durgapur, this will definitely bring down the number of road accidents occurring at various places in Durgapur.

Durgapur is all set for new year celebration

December 31, 2010 admin 0

Durgapur – one of the fastest growing cities of India is all set to welcome the new year with much fun and enjoyment. The big hotels of Durgapur have organized new year party and there will also be live open air programme at the entry of Suhatta Mall.

Link road of Durgapur needs fast repair

December 29, 2010 admin 0

Link road of Durgapur is one of the busiest and most important road of Durgapur. The condition of this road has deteriorated immensely in the last two to three months and if repair is not done immediately the safety of its work force will be at stake.

Controlling pollution related diseases common in Durgapur

December 17, 2010 admin 0

The industrial town of Durgapur is one of the most polluted cities of West Bengal. High level of pollution in this industrial hub of Bengal is known to cause several chronic diseases like gastritis, asthma etc. To combat these diseases “Water Therapy”, followed by the Japanese and Chinese, has been proved to be most effective.

Nobel Laureate visits Durgapur

December 15, 2010 admin 3

Durgapur, the Steel City of Bengal became honoured by the visit of Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Johann Deisenhofer. This Nobel Laureate came to the Steel City to inaugurate a science exhibition at Hem Sheela Model School and attend a seminar on Structural Biology at CMERI. This famous scientist came to Durgapur at the behest of Dr. Rabindra Nath Roy, the founder of Hem Sheela Model School and Professor of Drury University.

Catch meteor shower at Durgapur tonight

December 13, 2010 admin 0

Durgapurians, do not miss to watch the spectacular cosmic firework today at night. Keep your eyes glued to the sky towards Gemini constellation and witness the meteor shower which will peak on 13th December night (i.e today )and will continue till wee hours of 14th December.

Three Durgapur NPTI girls arrested

December 10, 2010 admin 1

Three girls of National Power Training Institute (NPTI) at Durgapur have been arrested from its Durgapur campus on Wednesday, 08th December for charges of ragging a first year student of the same institute.

KFC outlet at Durgapur

December 8, 2010 admin 5

KFC – the most popular brand of fried chicken has opened its outlet at Durgapur. The KFC restaurant is at Junction Mall in City Centre and is all set to tantalize the taste buds of Durgapurians.

Class IX student goes missing

November 28, 2010 admin 0

A class IX boy of DIV school, Ankit Ghosh goes missing from morning 27/11/2010. No ransom call has been received by the parent. Police is investigating wheather it is a matter of flying away from home.

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