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Homemade remedies to stop hair greying

November 13, 2011 admin 0

The industrial town of Durgapur with a high level of pollution witnesses a large number of pollution related diseases. Premature greying of hair is one of the major complain of the residents of Durgapur. Here we are discussing homemade remedies to stop premature greying of hair.

Natural ways of cleaning kidneys

June 10, 2011 admin 4

Kidney is one of the most vital organ of human body. Kidney does the very important function of cleaning the blood and removing salts and other poisonous substances. Over the years, there accumulates salts and harmful substances in the kidney, which needs to be removed. Coriander is the best for cleaning treatment of kidneys.

Durgapur – city of industrial workers

March 12, 2011 admin 0

Durgapur, popularly called “The Steel City”, is dominated by industrial workers. Though the city of Durgapur has hardly been formed 50 years ago, it dominated the national and international news on a number of occasion for struggle of its working class to safeguard its rights. The entire working class of the country looks upon Durgapur in its fight against the inhuman policies of the government.

Past history of the formation of Durgapur

March 9, 2011 admin 19

Durgapur, the fastest growing city of eastern India was a remote jungle only 50 years back. To know the present Durgapur one should definitely try to look into its past history. Considering that much research has not been done yet to find out the past history of Durgapur, this is a small effort by durgapuradda to find out the past of this industrial town.

Kennel in Durgapur – an essentiality

January 13, 2011 admin 7

Durgapur – one of the 20 fastest growing cities of India does not have a Kennel. Dog being the most faithful animal of man deserves care from us. A Kennel is an essentiality to look into pet dogs when the master is out of the city for some days.

Durgapur catch up the concept of ICE

December 21, 2010 admin 1

Durgapur people should know this unique concept of “ICE”. Knowing and using this “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) concept will not only help others but will also help everyone to help each other in case there is an emergency. ICE will speak for you when you are not able to.

Controlling pollution related diseases common in Durgapur

December 17, 2010 admin 0

The industrial town of Durgapur is one of the most polluted cities of West Bengal. High level of pollution in this industrial hub of Bengal is known to cause several chronic diseases like gastritis, asthma etc. To combat these diseases “Water Therapy”, followed by the Japanese and Chinese, has been proved to be most effective.

Expiry date of LPG cylinders

December 13, 2010 admin 0

Most of us probably have not heard of LPG cylinders having an expiry date. But LPG cylinders does have an expiry date and expired cylinders are not at all safe for use as they are prone to accidents.

Identifying stroke and saving a life

December 10, 2010 admin 0

People of the fast developing city of Durgapur has incorporated a number of bad habits in there lifestyle which are the major causes of Stroke. Number of Stroke victims are fast rising in this Steel City. In most cases a stroke patient dies or gets paralysis. But identifying stroke and giving proper medical care within 3 hours of the stroke can save his life. Here are 4 easy ways of identifying a stroke.

10 causes of liver damage – Durgapurians must know

December 5, 2010 admin 0

Liver is perhaps the most important organ of digestion and is extremely important for healthy living. Damage or malfunctioning of liver is a serious cause of concern and is responsible for causing various other diseases. Hence one should know the causes mainly responsible for liver damage as it would help in taking precautionary steps in preventing liver damage.

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