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The Formation

Durgapur Adda Young Association (D.A.Y.A), the social welfare wing of the Durgapur News Website, www.durgapuradda.com started its journey on 15 August 2015.

In 2015, members of the “Durgapur Adda” facebook group decided to address social issues that affect the society and do some act of goodness for Durgapur. Correspondingly, the members of “Durgapur Adda” facebook group formed “Durgapur Adda Young Association” (D.A.Y.A).

D.A.Y.A is now a registered organisation under West Bengal Societies Registrations Act, 1961 bearing the registration no: S/2L/No. 57099 of 2016-2017.

Organisation Mission Statement

Durgapur Adda Young Association (D.A.Y.A) would work towards achieving equality for every citizen irrespective of his or her caste, sex, creed and financial position.

Organisation Vision Statement

D.A.Y.A will work for the upliftment  of the people, so as to improve their social, economical, cultural and moral conditions and develop a rational outlook based on scientific thoughts.

Organization Principle

D.A.Y.A will work tirelessly in achieving its mission and vision by raising funds from the common people, public bodies and organisations; and under no circumstances from government and business houses directly.

Organisation Values

D.A.Y.A will nourish, nurture and develop ‘Scientific Values’ in the society.

Model Code of Conduct for D.A.Y.A Members

01) Members are expected to understand the ‘Mission’, ‘Vision” and ‘Principle’ of the organisation and work towards it.

02) Members must ensure every possible step to minimize expenses of the organisation.

03) Members must not under any circumstance use his association with D.A.Y.A or its name for any personal gain.

05) Members must note, that in its effort of helping the lesser privileged sections of the society, D.A.Y.A members must need to raise fund from common people and hence consider ‘fundraising’ as an important duty and contribute towards it.

06) Depending upon the kind of programme and initiatives “DAYA” undertake, every members must have to raise funds to the best of their ability for making the programmes and initiatives successful. If any member can’t take part in the ‘fundraising’ activity then he/she must personally donate a respectable amount and be a part of the program.

07) Members mustn’t accept any money from any individual or any company or business house or organisations without proper D.A.Y.A bill book. Donations in excess of INR 9999 must have to be taken either through account payee cheques or through net banking or deposited directly in the bank account of D.A.Y.A.

08) Members mustn’t under any circumstances use any offensive words or sentences against any members. If found guilty of using offensive or humiliating words, a member can lose his or her membership.

09) Members must note that the ‘WhatsApp’ group of D.A.Y.A is not a must for every members. Joining or leaving the WhatsApp is the sole discretion of every members. Leaving the WhatsApp group will not be considered as leaving the organisation, under any  circumstances.

10) Meeting notice or decisions taken in the meeting or meeting updates mustn’t be posted in any of the D.A.Y.A WhatsApp group by any individual members, without taking due consent from either the Secretary or President.

11) Posts in the D.A.Y.A WhatsApp groups must not be politically sensitive, culturally abusive and religious oriented. However political news or news of incidents that are culturally abusive can be posted.

12) Members must also refrain from posting anything that is to highlight any particular community, country, caste or creed and derogatory for others.

13) Members must not under any circumstance posts anything that is in conflict with the ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’ of the organisation.

14) Members mustn’t indulge in any activity or activities in any of the D.A.Y.A office premises that are of personal in nature and not involving D.A.Y.A mission and vision.

15) Members mustn’t do anything that in any way tarnish the image of D.A.Y.A.

16) Members mustn’t indulge in any sub-group activities and weaken the unity of the organisation.

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