Geography of Durgapur industrial town


The much important and the well-known latitude of Tropic of Cancer virtually passes over the Durgapur industrial town. Durgapur is located at 23.48°N latitude and 87.32°E longitude.

The Durgapur industrial town has an average elevation of 65 metres (213 ft). The topography of the town is undulating.


Two mighty rivers border the Durgapur industrial town on the north and the south. The Ajay River flows past unhindered in the north. The Damodar River flowing on the south has two obstacles in its path. The first one is the Anderson Weir at Randiha constructed in 1932 and the second one is the massive 692-metre long Durgapur Barrage at Durgapur, constructed in 1955.

Two rivulets – Singaran and Tamla, flows through the area and join the Damodar River. Two other rivulets – Kunur and Tumuni, join the Ajay River.

Durgapur subdivision is surrounded by Asansol subdivision on the west, Bardhaman Sadar North subdivision on the east, Bankura district across the River Damodar in the south, and Birbhum district across the Ajay River to the north.

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