Randiha – picnic spot near Durgapur

Randiha is a very well known and popular picnic spot near Durgapur. You will hardly find a citizen of Durgapur who has not visited Randiha for a picnic. This quaint little place on the bank of Damodar River offers a beautiful mix of greenery and water, making it a perfect place for a day out. During winter months Randiha witnesses large visitors and picnic enthusiasts almost every day.


River Damodar at Randiha near Durgapur

Randiha is about 24 Km from the industrial town of Durgapur and 19 km downstream the Durgapur barrage. The place has a little dam like structure called a weir. A weir is a little different from dam and is actually a barrier across a river designed to alter the flow regime of the river, prevent flooding, measure discharge and help render a river navigable. In 1932, the weir at Randiha, named Anderson weir was constructed so that irrigation facilities may reach the lower Damodar basin.

Nearness to the lazy flowing Damodar makes it an ideal and popular picnic spot near Durgapur.

How to reach Randiha?

If you are going by your own vehicle from Durgapur, proceed towards Kolkata via NH2. On reaching Panagarh Bazaar take right turn and immediately after crossing the railway line take left turn. Proceed on this road and you will reach a small bridge. Cross the bridge and take to the left, this road will take you to Randiha.


Anderson weir at Randiha near Durgapur

If you are going from Bardhaman or Kolkata, proceed towards Durgapur via NH2. On reaching Panagarh Bazaar take left turn and immediately after crossing the railway line take left turn again. Proceed on this road and you will reach a small bridge. Cross the bridge and take to the left, this road will take you to Randiha.
Buses are also available from Durgapur and Bardhaman for reaching Randiha. You can also reach Randiha from Panagarh station by hiring a car that suits your necessity.

What to do at Randiha?

Apart from enjoying the serene beauty of the place one can also enjoy a boat ride on the river, can take a refreshing dip in the cool waters of Damodar, listen to the chirping of birds or can simply indulge in fun and merry making with near and dear ones. One must not miss the chance to go on a boat ride.
If you love fishing then Randiha is the place to be at. One must get himself prepared with all the necessary fishing equipments and enjoy fishing at Randiha.

Where to stay at Randiha?

Randiha is an ideal place for picnic and day out, hence can be visited on a day tour from Durgapur, Asansol and Bardhaman. Staying options at Randiha is only the bungalow of the West Bengal government’s irrigation and waterways department that can be booked from the department’s regional office in Burdwan town.

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