Amarkanan – nice picnic spot near Durgapur

Amarkanan is a nice and beautiful picnic spot near Durgapur merely at a distance of 45 Km from City Centre. Situated in the Bankura district of West Bengal, Amarkanan is one of the best picnic spot near Durgapur. As Amarkanan can be reached within one and a half hour from Durgapur by road and as the road condition is quite good, it is indeed a very good weekend picnic option for the people of Durgapur. Though the name of Amarkanan is known to many, but very few people have visited the place, simply because most do not have a clear picture of the place, its exact location and how to reach there.

Water body at Amarkanan

About Amarkanan

Basically Amarkanan is a village at the foot of the 400ft high Koro Hill. This nice picnic spot near Durgapur gives a taste of Bengal’s village life. The picturesque village with a large water body adjacent to it has all the settings to match your imagination of a dream picnic destination. A picnic park has been developed adjacent to the Gangdua dam by the local panchayat and the Block Development office. The greenery of the park, the placid blue water lake, dotted lines of hills on the other side of the water body and the occasional chirping of the birds will definitely make your picnic at Amarkanan a memorable experience. You can even visit the Koro hill, which is it at a distance of 6 Km from the picnic park of Amarkanan. At the top of the hill, there is a beautiful temple of Savitri Devi, which according to local belief is very sacred.

Picnic at Amarkanan

Inside the park there is a separate arena for some children’s fun activity. Children and adults can enjoy the fun of a paddle boat inside the park. Even one has the option of hiring a boat to wander freely in the large water body adjacent to the park. There are some shops that sell teas, snacks and one or two hotels where you can have your lunch or breakfast as well. Facilities of drinking water, separate toilets and urinals for men and women and parking facilities at the park make it a good place to have a lazy weekend picnic. Picnicking under the sun on a cold winter day sitting in the greenery park and adjacent to the huge water body will definitely be a rewarding experience.

How to reach Amarkanan from Durgapur?

This lovely picnic spot near Durgapur can be reached in just an hour and half from Durgapur. From City Centre of Durgapur proceed towards the Durgapur Railway station and then cross the famous Durgapur Barrage. Don’t forget to pay the toll tax at the Barrage. After crossing the Durgapur Barrage and witnessing the vastness of Damodar River, proceed straight up to Barjora More. At the Barjora More take right turn.
This road will take to the Mejia Thermal Power Plant. A few Kilometers before Mejia Power Plant, you will witness that the road being divided into two. One going right and the other going left. Turn to the left road. The right road will take you to Ranigunj. After a kilometer or so after turning to the left road, you will cross a rail crossing.

Paddle boating at Amarkanan park

Don’t leave this road. Now you will move through the most picturesque part of your journey amidst natural greenery of forest. The road condition is also extremely good. You will soon arrive at Gangajalbhati. At the Gangajalghati, ask for the college more. Just before the college more, you will find a country road at the right side. Take this country road and proceed straight for 4 Km and you will see a small board at a turn indicating Gangdua Dam. From there take right turn and you will reach the picnic park of Amarkanan in less than a minute. Entry fee at the park for vehicles is very minimum.

Foot note

Road to Amarkanan

Do not forget to take your camera as there are plenty to shoot at Amarkanan. No need to carry water as there are tube wells in the park. Cooking inside the park is allowed. Helping hands to help you in cooking, arranging water and washing your utensils after taking fooding are available in plenty. Don’t forget to carry all your cooking utensils and take with you something to cover the fast blowing wind which otherwise will make cooking difficult.

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  1. Members of our co-op. housing society,Durgapur like to visit Amarkanan on 20th december,2015 for picnic purpose with around forty heads including children and women. How the facilities are there for the same. We prefer tap water for coocking, bathroom for gents and ladies, picnic spot prior reserve confirmation etc. Please let us know the details of its other facilities. Thanks the authority.

  2. is there any cost to enter in the park???...if yes then plz say how much money is needed to make my picnic trip successful......


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