Bhalki Machan – weekend picnic destination near Durgapur

Boating at the lake of Bhalkimachan

Bhalki Machan may not be a name known to many people of Durgapur, but this upcoming weekend destination near Bardhaman is worth a visit. Not only for the people of Durgapur, Bhalki Machan is in fact a good picnic and as well as a weekend gateway option for the people of Kolkata as well. Nearness to Durgapur makes it easily accessible and provides an easy option of having a calm weekend amidst greenery and natural surroundings.

Picnic at the forest of Bhalkimachan

About Bhalki Machan

It is a fact, that Bhalki Machan lacks facilities to qualify as a dream weekend destination but the natural beauty of the place is bound to make every visitor spellbound. The place is also an ideal picnic spot as it can be reached within three hours from Durgapur. Initiatives taken by the local Panchayat to beautify the water body and the area surrounding the natural lake has added to the beauty of the place. A park has been developed around the lake making the place all the more attractive. Boating facility has added further charm to the place. Boating leisurely in the waters with your family and loved ones is bound to be a memorable experience.

The lake at Bhalkimachan with facility of boating

The ruins of a tower adjoining the water body, believed to be the favourite bear hunting place of the erstwhile Raja’s of Bardhaman still stand tall reminding of its royal connection. Away from the busy city life, Bhalki Machan, situated on the edge of a deciduous forest is indeed a perfect spot to laze for a day or two. A long leisurely walk through the Sal forest and breathing unpolluted fresh air is the best option of letting nature gets into your soul.

How to reach Bhalkimachan from Durgapur?

If you are traveling by your own vehicle or a hired vehicle, take on National Highway 2 (NH 2) and proceed towards Kolkata upto Galsi. On reaching Galsi turn left and the freshly tarred road leads to Mankar. On reaching Mankar, ask any local people to know the exact way to reach Bhalki Machan.
You can also opt for private and state transport buses to reach Bhalki Machan from Durgapur. Board on to any bus going to Mankar; get down at Mankar railway station. From there hire a rickshaw to reach Bhalki Machan.
One has the option of reaching Bhalki Machan by train as well. Board any local train going to Bardhaman and get down at Mankar station. From there hire a rickshaw to reach Bhalki Machan.

Staying options at Bhalki Machan

If you are on a picnic then the question of staying does not arise. But if you decide to have a weekend at Bhalki Machan, then you have two staying options.
The Bhalki Machan resort named Aranya Sundari, maintained by the Aushgram Panchayat is the first option. Adequate local Bengali cuisine delicacies are all set to mesmerize you. For booking contact at – 03452-200604 and 8016546346
The second option is the State Fisheries Development Corporation resort at Jamunadighi at a distance of about 3 Km from Bhalki Machan. For booking, contact at – 03452-45300/9474787643. The tourist complex is inside a fish seed farm run by the State Fisheries Department. Fresh catch of fish from the pond is all set to enchant your taste buds.

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  1. Nice place, I went to the place last year in December. WB govt must initiate steps to promote the place as a tourist destination.

  2. Good approach....
    Pl. publish such green zone tourist spot with more details like hotel tariff etc.


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