Kumar Mangalam Park – pride of Durgapur

Entrance of Kumar Mangalam Park at Durgapur

Mohan Kumar Mangalam Park situated in the heart of the Durgapur Steel Township is undoubtedly one of the most proud possessions of the city. This well-maintained park on Priyadarshini Indira Sarani adjacent to the famous Durgapur House is one of the most popular place in the city for having some fun filled moments with near and dear ones.

History of Kumar Mangalam Park

Named after Late Mohan Kumar Mangalam, the first Steel Minister of India, the park was built by Durgapur Steel Plant in the mid-eighties. Mohan Kumar Mangalam or Kumar Mangalam Park (MKM Park) as it is better known covers an area of approximately 80 acres. It soon became the pride of the city.

Kumar Mangalam Park of Durgapur as it looks from outside

Financial and other constraints during the end of the last century resulted in a situation where the park lacked the kind of attention and care it used to get earlier. Due to non-maintenance of the Park, the situation, status and the ambience inside the park fell drastically and it became a den for all sorts of un-social activities.

Strong observations started flowing-in to the DSP Authority from its own employees, political parties, intellectuals and also from the local administration in favour of restoring the park to its days of old glory. DSP Authority also felt the need to take some actions for the revival of Kumar Mangalam Park.

Venturing all possibilities, DSP authority decided to License-out the Park to Private Entrepreneur for Renovation,
Development, Maintenance and Operation of MKM Park. Exalt Services Pvt. Ltd. was given the park on license basis for Next 10+5+5 Years from DSP since 17th April, 2006.

About Kumar Mangalam Park

After the park was licensed to Exalt Services things started to improve and soon the beauty of the park got restored. Once again the park became the city’s pride.

With a large artificial lake spread over an area of 10 acres and greenery all around Kumar Mangalam Park is in a true sense a place where you can spend time with your family and friends. Some of the major highlights of the park includes the presence of about 1500 tall trees, two small hillocks, well maintained lawns with lots of flowers, meandering lake with boating facility and about six kilometer long pathway for moving around to breath the fresh air of the greens.

The lake with boating facility at Durgapur’s Kumar Mangalam Park

Apart from its awesome natural beauty, the main attraction of the MKM Park is the 16-channel computerized Musical Fountain along the Lake.

There exist two entrances to the park, both of which are used for entry as well as exit. Ticket counters exist at both the entrances. These entrances are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the entire park complex. Each entrance is shaped like a horse-shoe, the opening of which faces the street outside, & in the curved wall are two separate openings from where the visitors enter and exit the park. The hut-like ticket counters are situated at the opening in the horse-shoe curve.

A large bronze statue of Ganesha, dancing and playing cymbals with an expression of fierceness on his face is so popular that it became the hallmark symbol of the MKM Park. The sand-brown colored horse-shoe wall around the statue is embossed with human figurines – kids playing on swings, families picnicking, people going around in miniature trains and boats – giving an indication of what entertainments wait inside.

The other entrance’s curved wall displays traditional dances that are performed in the various states of India.

Facilities inside Kumar Mangalam Park

A Multi-cuisine Restaurant inside the park periphery and a Fast Food Plaza provides good option to pamper your taste buds.

For the children there is a separate play arena. There are facilities to enjoy the paddle boat ride with your family and friends. Toy train and several other amusement rides are added attraction of the park.

There are also separate Party Arenas for Birthday, Marriage or any celebration and get-together affair. Separate spaces with desired facilities are provided to picnic parties within the park complex. And because of this during picnic season the park complex remains abuzz with crowd.

The park becomes the site for festivities and frolic on the occasion of Holi, Chath Puja etc. when people gather in large numbers to perform pujas (ceremonial prayers), distribute food and sweets, meet friends and enjoy the gaiety.

Some observations

Though the park is seen as a family and children’s’ park but now it is more a lover’s spot. The closeness of boys and girls inside the park at times reaches such a point that it becomes a real botheration to go there with your family and especially small children.

During spring the park with its variety of flora sets riot of colours all around. The park is a photographer’s paradise.

There is immense scope for the authority to develop many more facilities which can elevate MKM Park to the stature of Kolkata’s Nicco Park.

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