Sabujban – weekend gateway near Durgapur

View of a srction of Sabujban

Sabujban is an ideal weekend gateway for not only the people of Durgapur, but for the people of Kolkata, Bardhaman and Asansol as well. It is an ideal place to stay in the midst of nature away from the customary pollution of the Steel City. Sabujban is roughly about 85Km from the steel city of Durgapur. A visit to sabujban will definitely rejuvenate you after a week long busy work schedule at Durgapur.

Various plant species at Sabujban

Sabujban – a plant museum is a very unique kind of place where there is a huge collection of plants belonging to various species, some of which have been collected from other countries as well. It is a unique place to spend the weekend or just spend an entire day and come back. Time spent in this resort among unique collections of floral species will definitely be a rewarding experience.
Apart from having staying options, the food at Sabujban needs special mention. For accommodation as well as for food one needs to book beforehand as Sabujban is fast gaining popularity as a weekend gateway.
To reach Sabujban from Durgapur one need to take the National Highway 2 and reach the Darjeeling More at a distance of about 13 Km from City Centre of Durgapur. After reaching Darjeeling More, turn left and proceed towards Illam Bazaar. On reaching Illam Bazaar you will find that the road has bifurcated,- one going right and the other going left. Take the road to the right and proceed straight to Bolpur Railway Station. Cross the Bolpur Railway Station and from here Sabujban is just 13 Km. After crossing the Railway Station ask the ever smiling local people about the road that will lead to Sabujban, the fastest developing weekend gateway of Bengal.
So Durgapurians, what are you waiting for, plan your next weekend trip to Sabujban or plan a day out at this natural place. For booking contact at – 034636450345, 9932589244, 9153193458.

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  1. Good start, but also expect to have few details and snaps of school,colleges,clubs,markets,parks and cinema halls of Durgapur ( A-zone,B-zone,etc).


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