Durgapurians be aware of brain damaging habits

Brain being the controlling centre of our body is of utmost importance for normal healthy living. Citizens of a fast developing city usually shows habits that are major cause of brain damage. Durgapur being a fast developing industrial city is also prone to this kind of habits that are cause of concern.

Major brain damaging habit includes :-

01) No Breakfast
(a)Degeneration of brain.
02) Overeating
(a)Hardening of brain arteries decreasing mental power.
03) Smoking
(a)Multiple brain shrinkage leading to Alzheimer disease.
04) Excess intake of sugar
(a)Interrupts protein and nutrient absorption retarding brain development.
05) Sleep deprivation
(a)Accelerates death of brain cells.
06) Head covered while sleeping
(a)Sleeping in an atmosphere of increased Carbon di-oxide damages the brain.
07) Working your brain during illness
(a) Working hard or studying with sickness decrease effectiveness of the brain.
08) Lacking in stimulating thoughts
(a) Lacking in brain stimulating thoughts causes brain shrinkage.
09) Air pollution
(a) Inhaling polluted air decrease supply of oxygen to brain, lowering brain efficacy.
10) Talking rarely
(a)Intellectual conversation promotes brain efficiency.

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