10 causes of liver damage – Durgapurians must know

Durgapur being a fast developing city is showing all the signs that are common to the people of metro cities. Pollution level at the industrial city of Durgapur is too high and ailments of liver is a very common disease. Common ailments of liver includes indigestion, stomach pain, flatulence and malfunctioning.

Liver – one of the most important organ of digestion needs to be taken care of. Damage of liver or its malfunctioning is responsible for various other diseases. So taking care of liver is of utmost importance for healthy living. Following ten facts are the major cause behind liver damage. This would certainly help in taking care of our liver.
01.Sleeping too late at night and waking up too late in the morning.
02.Eating full stomach.
03.Skipping breakfast.
04.Consuming too much medication.
05.Consuming too much preservatives and additives.
06.Consuming unhealthy cooking oil.
07.Consuming excess cooking oil.
08.Consuming fried foods when tired.
09.Consuming excess food coloring ingredients and artificial sweetener.
10.Consuming stored fried veggies.

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