Expiry date of LPG cylinders

Most of us do not know or have never heard of LPG cylinders having an expiry date. But it is a reality and expired cylinders are not safe for use and may cause accidents.
So we need to check the expiry date of LPG cylinders while taking delivery of the cylinder from Vendor.

Here is how we can check the expiry of LPG cylinders :
On one of three side stems of the upper part of cylinder, the expiry date is coded alpha numerically as A or B or C or D and some two digit number following this e.g. D06.

The alphabets stand for quarters –
1. A for Jan-March (First quarter),
2. B for April-June (Second quarter),
3. C for July-Sept (Third quarter),
4. D for Oct-December (Fourth quarter).

The digits stand for the year till it is valid. Hence D06 would mean Oct-December quarter of 2006. While D13 allows the cylinder to be in use until Dec 2013.
Please return back the cylinder that you get with an expiry date, they are prone to leak and other hazardous accidents. Please pass on this important know how to others whom you care for.

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