Finding cheap alternate of doctor’s prescribed drugs

Medicines prescribed by doctors may not be always available in medical stores or may be too expensive to buy. When medicines prescribed by doctors are unavailable in medical stores, the chemist of the shop, often suggest alternative medicines that have the same chemical composition as prescribed by your doctors. But in cases when the medicine written in the prescription of the doctor is too expensive, you shy out and hardly ask the chemist for an alternative medicine that is less expensive.
For instance, if the doctor has prescribed Calpol, a branded drug commonly used to treat fever and pain, having Paracetamol as its chemical compound, the chemist may thus suggest another drug – branded or unbranded – that has similar amount of Paracetamol. But take another example, where your doctor has prescribed Tab Cetoz containing Cetrizine and after asking the chemist about its price, you come to know that it is priced at Rs 24 for 10 mg tablet. But Tab Oncet having the same composition of Tab Cetoz is priced at Rs 10 for 10 mg tablet. In this case you hardly ask the chemist if there is any other drug of the same composition which is lesser in price. But there are several websites which can come handy in this situation and you can go for an online search to know the names of other similar drugs that are far less priced.
Unbranded (generic) medicines are generally more affordable and effective but some doctors may prefer prescribing branded (more expensive) drugs because of incentives from pharmaceutical companies. Remember, pharmaceutical spends a lot of money on doctors in promoting a particular drug, which in turn increases the cost-to-customer of a drug.
Here is a list of 5 websites which you can check to research drugs, study their compositions and also learn about alternate brands. In some cases, the databases may also include the retail prices of drugs. – MIMS drug database is the most popular reference source among medical professionals in India. The database is very well researched and updated. The list is endless and even the most recent drugs is available here. The site requires free registration but you may use a Google query like and skip the site search feature. – Here you can search drugs by their generic name or the brand name. Med India may not be the most user-friendly site but it does help you to compare the prices of various brands of drugs with the same generic drug. – This is another generic drug search engine that is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices, making it most widely used among mobile net users. However, HealthKartPlus doesn’t confuse consumers with excess jargon – you will learn about the salts in the drug, substitutes offered by other brands and their respective prices. – This website is primarily for comparing drug prices with the same constituents but from different brands. You can enter the medicine name and GetDavai will quickly list branded equivalents and their prices. The website however includes no information about the developer or their source of drug data. – Another iOS and Android app that will help you quickly find equivalent brands of medicines along with their prices and generic names. Unlike other drug search engines, My Dawaai’s database also includes details of small drug manufacturers in India.
All these websites and many more other sites like this will obviously help improve your overall knowledge of drugs but it is always advisable to consult your doctor before switching to a substitute.

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  1. Thanks , I agree your post. most of the doctors are prescribed branded expensive medicines as compare to generic medicines which is only available on hospital's medic shop .


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