Mad rush at Kalpataru mela Durgapur

January 9, 2011 admin 0

Like every year Kalpataru Mela is being held the Gammon Friends Football Ground. The fair which has started from 1st January will continue till 10th January. The Mela is witnessing large crowds everyday. Book fair and Krishi Mela are the prime attraction of Kalpataru Mela.

Road safety week celebrated in Durgapur

January 7, 2011 admin 0

People of the Steel City of Durgapur has been made aware of the needs and various aspects of Road Safety by the Automobile Association of Eastern India’s Durgapur Chapter through a road show at the five-road crossing near Prantika, Durgapur. For a fast growing city like Durgapur, this will definitely bring down the number of road accidents occurring at various places in Durgapur.

Murshidabad – weekend gateway near Durgapur

January 4, 2011 admin 0

After a busy and hectic week at the industrial town of Durgapur every mind and soul searches for some destination to spent the weekend away from work. Murshidabad at a distance of only about 190 Km is an ideal destination to spent a weekend discovering the rich history of Bengal during the era of Nawabs and rejuvenate as well. So Durgapurians, pack your baggage and plan your next weekend at Murshidabad.

Durgapur is all set for new year celebration

December 31, 2010 admin 0

Durgapur – one of the fastest growing cities of India is all set to welcome the new year with much fun and enjoyment. The big hotels of Durgapur have organized new year party and there will also be live open air programme at the entry of Suhatta Mall.

Link road of Durgapur needs fast repair

December 29, 2010 admin 0

Link road of Durgapur is one of the busiest and most important road of Durgapur. The condition of this road has deteriorated immensely in the last two to three months and if repair is not done immediately the safety of its work force will be at stake.

Sabujban – weekend gateway near Durgapur

December 27, 2010 admin 3

Sabujban – a plant museum, 85 Km (approx) from the Steel City of Durgapur is an ideal weekend gateway to relax and rejuvenate in the midst of nature. Plan your next weekend trip to sabujban and get lost in the midst of the greenery of plant museum. You can also spent an entire day and come back. Durgapur Adda provides all the details of Sabujban Trip.

Durgapur catch up the concept of ICE

December 21, 2010 admin 1

Durgapur people should know this unique concept of “ICE”. Knowing and using this “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) concept will not only help others but will also help everyone to help each other in case there is an emergency. ICE will speak for you when you are not able to.

Deul – weekend gateway near Durgapur

December 19, 2010 admin 0

Deul near the Steel city of Durgapur is an ideal weekend destination where one can spent an entire day in the close vicinity of nature. The brick temple of Ichai Ghosh on the bank of River Ajay and a park is the main attraction of Deul, which has grown into a popular picnic spot for Durgapurians. Durgapur Adda provides all the details of Deul tour.

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