Fire at Benachity bazar

November 27, 2010 admin 0

A major fire broke out at the Shyam Complex in Benachity Bazar on the afternoon of 26/11/2010. Though two garment shops were completed gutted in the fire but considering the crowded location of the complex, losses are not major.

Thirteen incredible facts

November 27, 2010 admin 1

These are incredible facts about human and his surroundings that will fascinates anyone. Knowing facts like this enriches our knowledge.

Six interesting facts of English language

November 24, 2010 admin 7

Six interesting facts of English language that are not known to every one shows the depth which this language has. They are the result of a thorough research. Many facts are still there that needs to be find out.

Attitude – key to success

November 22, 2010 admin 3

Attitude is perhaps the most important factor for success. Hard work and knowledge can take one close to success but true success can only be achieved by having proper attitude.

Camphor – effective & healthy mosquito repellent

November 21, 2010 admin 0

Camphor is an highly useful natural substance having varied usefulness. Apart from controlling mosquito effectively, it also refreshes the air, relieves nasal and throat congestion. The usefulness of this natural substance needs to be spread among everyone.

Critical knowhow for cell phone users

November 20, 2010 admin 0

Every cell phone users must know this critical information that will help them in time of emergency and when their cellphone get stolen. If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

DSP produdces wheel for electric train

November 14, 2010 admin 0

Wheel and Axle plant of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) has successfully produced wheels for EMU trains for the first time. Earlier this wheels were imported from foreign countries. In the next one year DSP has set a self target of supplying 10,000 wheels to the Indian Rail.

State handicraft fair inaugurated at Durgapur

November 10, 2010 admin 0

Visiting the Handicraft and Handloom fair inaugurated at Durgapur by State Small and cottage Industry Minister Mr Manab Mukherjee on 09th November is a unique experience as one can see artisians and craftsmen at work making real artifacts.

Kalipuja and Diwali celebrated with pomp

November 7, 2010 admin 1

Durgapur being a city of mixed culture celebrated the dual festival of Diwali and Kalipuja with same pomp and enjoyment. There has been a great deal of enthusiasm among the people regarding this dual festivity. In this year’s puja one new trend has been noticed, which needs special mention.

Rail and Steel Minister visited Andal

October 31, 2010 admin 0

Minister of Railways and Minister of Steel were at Andal on 30/10/2010 to announce the setting up of a Rail Compartment manufacturing unit at Andal on a equal joint venture between SAIL and Rail. Andal is barely 05 Km from Durgapur.

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