Solution of JEE(Main) 2014 probable MATHS Questions: Set 1


Hope you have tried and must have solved a few as well. If you have not been able to solve the entire 6 set of questions, here are some hints which will help you in arriving at the solution of. The 1st set of 6 questions on Maths for the upcoming JEE(Main) exam was published in Durgapur Adda at:

Solutions Hint:

1. Put x-2=z and use f (z+T) =f (z) then period of f (z) =|T|

2. Use Condition for real roots, (b*b-20a)>=0 =>a<= (b*b/20). From here find 5a+b =f (b) then minimum value of f (b) can be obtained by graph or differentiating f (b). 3. For f(x) to be one (df(x)/dx)>0 or <0. Now take two case x>0 and x<0 remove mod sign and differentiate. 4. Use Cos ((x+T) ^2) =Cos(x^2).Find value of T not dependent on x. If not function is not periodic. 5. Take 4 cases x>=3, 2 <=x<3, 1<=x<2, x<=1 and draw the graph of linear function to get min value. 6. Very conceptual and easy? Had anybody solved??? For further query call RITESH ACADEMY directly at: 9836557900

Keep an eye on Durgapur Adda for the next set of probable questions for the upcoming JEE(Main) 2014 exam.

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