TMC supporters ransack CITU Durgapur Steel union office

August 7, 2017 admin 0

CITU affiliated HSEU office at 1 No. Vidyasagar Avenue in Durgapur Steel Township was ransacked today by TMC hooligans who barged inside the union office, tore apart Red flags of the union, erected TMC flag there, took away furniture and destroyed properties.

CPI(M) rally for Nepal quake relief attacked in Durgapur

May 20, 2015 admin 1

Hundreds of alleged TMC men barged upon CPI(M) workers and supporters yesterday afternoon, who gathered at the B-Zone Post Office rotary in Durgapur Steel Township, just 100 metres from the CITU office for a rally to collect relief for the Nepal earthquake victims.

Massive protest rally in Durgapur Steel Township

March 23, 2015 admin 1

Thousands of men and women took part in a massive protest rally in Durgapur Steel Township yesterday, condemning the incident of taking control of Durgapur Steel Consumer Co-operative Credit Society board forcefully by TMC men.

Trade union recognition election in DSP

August 28, 2011 admin 0

Durgapur Steel Plant and the industrial town of Durgapur is buzzing with the trade union recognition election on 9th September 2011. In the changed political scenario of the state, the election has assumed greater significance as Trinamool Congress backed INTTUC is trying to get recognition.

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