NIT Durgapur – institute of national importance

January 22, 2014 admin 0

The National Institute of Technology, Durgapur is one of the 30 National Institutes of Technology in India and has been recognised as an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India. Here is a detailed account of NIT Durgapur which is pride of the city of Durgapur.

Durgapur NIT registrar’s appointment under question

March 23, 2013 admin 0

Appointment of the current registrar of NIT Durgapur lat year at the age of 59 seems to have violated the HRD ministry’s rule which says that a person can be appointed as NIT registrar only till he is 57. The teachers, students have sent a letter to the HRD ministry, questioning the appointment of the registrar and his immediate removal.

St Michael’s noble venture for under previliged

November 11, 2011 admin 1

St Michael’s School of Durgapur has recently taken a noble venture to give free education to the under-privileged children of the society. The venture has been named “Udaan” and the concept has been widely lauded from all corners of the society.

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