Durgapur film festival revived proposed film city prospect

September 7, 2013 admin 0

Durgapur Film Festival which was held in the industrial town of Durgapur had once again revived the prospect of creating a film city in the town. The festival which began on August 30, ended on September 5 was primarily to mark eminent Tollywood Hero Prasenjit Chatterjee’s 30 years of film career.

Durgapur mayor’s instruction turns stadium to garbage dump

July 10, 2013 admin 1

The instruction of the mayor of Durgapur to dump city waste inside the Shahid Bhagat Singh Stadium near City Centre of Durgapur took everyone by surprise and disbelief. However, mayor Apurba Mukherjee admitted to have given such instructions as he said he lacked options of dumping city waste after the private plant where the waste was earlier taken to have closed down.

TMC leader of Asansol accused of beating up cops

May 9, 2013 admin 0

Trinamool councillor of Block No. 30 and a member of mayor in council of Asansol Municipality Corporation, Mr. Aniraban Das, alias Animesh Das has been accused of beating up a traffic police and a truck driver near Sen Raleigh Road near the HLG Hospital More of Asansol. A complaint has been lodged against Mr. Das, who is a close associate of Asansol Mayor.

Court orders investigation against Axes group of Durgapur

April 30, 2013 admin 0

Acting on a directive by the ACJM of Durgapur court, Durgapur police has started an inquiry against Axes group of companies, on a complaint lodged by some Ajit Das, a retired employee of ECL. Treating the complaint as an FIR , police has started an investigation for alleged complain of cheating against the real interest company of Durgapur with forays into media, resort and hotel business.

TMC civic leader’s money-lending company in Asansol under scanner

April 29, 2013 admin 0

Money-lending company of the mayor-in-council member of TMC run Asansol Municipality, Animesh Das is under scanner due to alleged report that the money-lending company, Astha does not have authorization to transact such businesses. Yesterday police took for “verification” some documents from the office of Astha in Asansol.

Durgapur mayor writes to DM about cheating by chit fund companies

April 26, 2013 admin 1

At a time when a massive chit fund scandal involving a company that has indelible links with the Trinamool Congress has shook the government like anything and Mamata Banerjee faces the worst crisis of her tumultuous reign in West Bengal, the Mayor of Trinamool Congress-run Durgapur Municipality Corporation sought the district magistrate’s intervention to help prevent chit companies from cheating people of the industrial town.

Asansol mayor heckled during fire safety drill

March 2, 2013 admin 0

Mayor of Asansol, Mr. Tapas Banerjee was allegedly pushed and heckled during a surprise visit by the Mayor and his officials at the Pucca Bazaar at busy market hours. The angry officials gheraoed the Mayor and complained that kind of inspection does happens every time a fire broke out in other parts of the state but after that nothing happens.

Illegal use of beacons by Durgapur Mayor and others

January 23, 2013 admin 0

Illegal usage of beacon and flasher by Durgapur Mayor, Police chief, MLA of Durgapur West and other top bosses of Durgapur violating High Court directives has been brought to the notice of State Home Secretary by a social activists of Durgapur.

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